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Major tourist attractions of Marina are a nice sand beach in the shade of olive and pine trees, the atmosphere of
ancient Dalmatian wine cellars, fresh fish and quality local wines, a blend of the ancient and the modern. Sportsmen
and recreation enthusiasts may enjoy yachting, diving and fishing. Boats and yachts are rented. Entertainment and
cultural programs are offered in the nearby towns of Trogir and Split.
Agana Marina in Marina has 140 berths in the sea and 100 places on the land.

MARINA, a village and small harbour in the interior part of the Marina bay, 12 km west of Trogir; population 897.
The coasts of the Marina bay are very well indented, with a number of small coves with sand and pebble beaches.
Marina is located on the main road (M2, E65). Small yachts may dock within the small harbour and are protected from
all winds; larger yachts may dock at the end of the bay, southeast of the chapel and south of the Plokata hill.

The settlement was planned in the 16th century. In the period 1495-1500 the bishops of Trogir built a quadrangular
tower on the islet in the bay. The tower has console battlements (the channel between the mainland and the tower was
filled up and levelled at the beginning of the 20th c.); the structure was repaired during the Candian war in 1657
and 1717; reconstructed in 1971/1972. The church of St. John has Gothic and Renaissance elements. In the field close
to the village there is a small Gothic church of St. Luke with the coat of arms of the Sobota family.

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